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Because Texas is located so close to Mexico, drugs are transported through their state by Mexican traffickers transporting illegal drugs for distribution throughout the United States. An enormous amount of illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine are commonly smuggled through Texas. Texas does have a very serious drug problem among their youth and adults but most of the illegal drugs transported through their state from Mexico are intended for further destinations.

As in all states, drug patterns change among users and right now heroin is one of the illicit drugs that are showing an increase among young people in Texas. Cocaine appears to be decreasing among users as they age possibly due to trafficking wars going on in Mexico and levamisole that's added to cocaine to cut the purity of the drug. No one knows for sure why cocaine use is decreasing among aging users though.

Drug patterns also vary in different areas around the Texas border. El Paso's main drug problem is with alcohol and marijuana. Laredo's main problem drugs are heroin and marijuana and on the lower border, alcohol and marijuana are commonly abused drugs.

Treatment admissions for Individuals seeking substance abuse help living in areas that border Texas include problems with alcohol, powdered cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. Treatment admissions for individuals not living around the border that have sought treatment had problems with crack cocaine, methamphetamine and opiates.

  • Texas Heroin Abuse and Detox

    Heroin abuse appears to be increasing especially among teens and young adults in Texas. Mexican black tar and brown powdered heroin are the most common forms abused in Texas. Cheese heroin is another form of the drug that's been problematic in the past with many adolescents dying from the substance in Dallas, Texas and appears to still be a concern among users. Cheese heroin is a recreational drug that's a combination of heroin and crushed medication that can be purchased over the counter like Tylenol PM. The mixture includes heroin, diphenhydramine, and acetaminophen.

    The form of heroin that is the most predominant in Texas is black tar heroin. This is a gummy dark and oily substance that is diluted with water and then injected. The brown Mexican heroin is black tar heroin that's cut with another substance and turned into a powder form and either injected or inhaled.

  • Texas Opiate Drug Treatment

    Other opiate drugs that are abused and continue to increase in abuse are painkillers. A combination of hydrocodone, alprazolam and carisoprodol is referred to as "Houston Cocktail" or "Holy Trinity" which is also abused among some people in Texas and very dangerous. Other opiates that are cause for concern among users include hydrocodone, methadone, codeine, oxycodone, buprenorphine, hydromorphone, morphine, meperidine and opium.

  • Texas Cocaine Addiction

    Cocaine is a very available drug in certain parts of Texas like El Paso. Crack cocaine and powdered cocaine are also easy to find in many areas throughout Texas. The state of Texas is considered a transshipment and distribution area for cocaine that gets transported to different locations throughout the U.S.

  • Methamphetamine Addiction in Texas

    Methamphetamine is another drug that's easy to find in Texas and many people abuse the drug. There are also small local illegal labs producing meth and it's common for meth cooks to use the one pot method or shake and bake method for producing small amounts of the drug. Most of the meth found in Texas comes from Mexico though and the purity levels are around 94%. Many meth users in Texas are in need of intensive and long term treatment due to the mental and physical damages meth use has caused

  • Texas Marijuana Abuse

    Throughout Texas marijuana is very easy to find and is the most widely abused drug among substance users. Marijuana is commonly abused by young people in blunt and joint form. The abuse of spice is also a growing problem among substance users as well.

  • Texas Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

    Alcohol is the main drug that's abused in Texas among young and older adults and many school aged kids abuse alcohol too. 2Young2Drink is sponsored by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and is part of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention which enforces underage drinking laws. 2Young2Drink is a website that's intended for students, parents, law enforcement and other community members with an interest in preventing underage drinking.

  • Texas Tobacco Use and Smoking

    Tobacco is also abused by people in Texas in all age groups and is a common drug of choice among teens and young adults as well. Texas DSHS Tobacco Prevention and Control aims to reduce the health effects and economic toll tobacco has placed on their citizens.

    DSHS is the Department of State Health Services and their Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Sections funds around 200 schools and community based programs statewide to prevent the use and consequences of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among youth and families in Texas.

Texas promotes prevention activities to improve the lives of their citizens by discouraging substance use before it results in costly and life threatening consequences like fatalities associated with drunk driving and emergency room visits that result from substance abuse.

Texas Substance Abuse Prevention Services includes Prevention Resource Centers (PRCs) which provide communities including schools with prevention materials and information, resources and expertise.

Treatment centers are available throughout Texas to help those in need of recovery from the use of alcohol, street drugs, prescription and over the counter drugs, tobacco and other substances of abuse. People have successfully overcome their dependency to drugs and alcohol in Texas but unfortunately there are still many citizens who are in need of treatment and recovery.

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