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Cocaine is a very powerful stimulant that's been abused for many years and continues to destroy the lives of thousands of people throughout the United States. Treating cocaine addiction requires detoxification in order to cleanse the body of the drugs chemicals that continue to produce cravings and withdrawal symptoms and individualized therapy. By the time most cocaine users seek treatment they have abused the drug over extended periods of time and are using high doses in order to function.

Many cocaine users don't seek help until the drug's effects have caused serious physical issues that include heart problems which can lead to a heart attack, respiratory problems which includes respiratory failure, or stoke. The earlier a person receives treatment for crack cocaine addiction the more successful their treatment will be and the longer a person goes without treatment, they're health related risks will increase.

Our clients are young and older adult men and women who are in need of medically assisted detoxification and intensive therapy in order to overcome the effects their cocaine addiction has caused. We provide long term inpatient treatment which includes around the clock care and support from our medical staff, licensed therapists and addiction counselors. Recovering from cocaine addiction takes time and during treatment our clients are facing emotions and problems that are sometimes difficult and added support is needed during this time.

Healthy guidance and support is important during recovery from crack cocaine addiction. Group therapy and individualized counseling helps our clients manage their recovery and learn positive ways to avoid relapse as they focus on their future goals. Our professional medical staff, licensed therapists and addiction counselors can make a difference in your recovery from cocaine addiction too. You don't have to recover alone because we're dedicated to helping you succeed.

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