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We provide outpatient therapy for adolescents and young and older adults that need guidance and support for their addiction. Many of our clients are struggling to stay clean during their recovery from alcoholism, substance abuse or gambling addiction because they still have underlying issues that need to be worked through. Daily stress can make sobriety difficult and seeking additional assistance and support can help a person avoid relapse from substance abuse or compulsive gambling.

Our clients receive individual counseling and therapy from our team of experienced addiction therapists so they can work through problems and develop positive strategies dealing with stress, anxiety and anger issues.

When problems and issues are not addressed it's common for a person working towards recovery from addiction to relapse and eventually fall back into the same destructive behaviors they've worked so hard to change. We realize how easily this can happen and how devastating it is to a person wanting to change their life around. Using a substance, taking a drink or gambling is the first reaction to stress many people recovering from addiction turn to. When we develop strategies ahead of time for dealing with stressful situations we can avoid a relapse and maintain sobriety.

The same thing applies to people that have stopped smoking. I'm sure most of us know someone that has stopped smoking for a long period of time and during stressful situations the first thing they turn to are cigarettes.

We want to help people work through problems and develop good and effective coping skills so they can recover from their addiction and lead a happy healthy life. Our therapists have helped teens, young and older adults successfully manage their recovery from addiction with long-term success.

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