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Is there someone in your family or in your life that has a problem with alcohol or drugs and their in complete denial even though their life is crumbling around them? Their life is spiraling out of control and they don't see it? You feel there's nothing more you can say or do that's going to make a difference for them to see their need for help?

Professional Intervention

You're not alone and there is something more you can do for someone you care about that's addicted to drugs or alcohol to get them to begin to see their need for help. We provide drug and alcohol interventions for families and friends who have a person in their life that's in need of help for their addiction. Through a planned and structured professional intervention, we help people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol see their need for help and motivate them into receiving treatment.

Our interventionist not only help your loved one recognize their need for help for their addiction, but they make sure that they receive the right treatment program that best fits their needs so they can recover with long term success.

We work with families and friends of the addicted person also, addiction affects everyone and we help the entire family receive counseling and therapy so that everyone can heal. This is not an easy time for anyone when someone we love and care about is suffering from addiction. The healing process takes time, understanding, education and support and we make sure that everyone's needs are met during your loved ones healing and recovery.

We also provide professional interventions for other addictions as well as substance abuse. Our professional interventionist can help families and their loved ones with substance abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction and shopping addiction. We can help your loved one change their life around and bring healing to the whole family.

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