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The use of alcohol today among our youth is very common and many of our young teens are consuming alcoholic beverages and binge drinking with their friends recreationally without realizing where this type of behavior can lead them. We help young adolescents and teens understand the serious consequences of alcohol use and educate them about the dangers involving binge drinking. We have been counseling young people regarding the serious long term effects of alcohol abuse for over 10 years and provide counseling for their families as well.

Sometimes young people have other problems going on in their life and begin using alcohol or other substances as a way of coping or escaping. They don't realize how serious the consequences will be later on in their life though. We help our young clients work through problems and situations in their life that are affecting them and offer guidance and support. We specialize in treating adolescent addiction and want to educate our young people so that they will hopefully avoid alcoholism or drug dependence in their future.

We help young people work through problems, improve their self-esteem, avoid negative peer pressure, understand addiction and the serious consequences associated with substance abuse, set healthy goals for their future, and improve family relationships. We also educate young people in hopes of preventing substance abuse for those who haven't begun to experiment with drugs or alcohol yet. We believe that knowledge is the key to prevention as well as recovery.

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