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After a person completes detoxification from alcohol or substance abuse, they don't always follow up with a recovery program, because they think they just need to detox in order to recover. Many people detox on their own, in a hospital or detoxification facility and expect to be able to successfully manage their recovery on their own when their detox is completed. Unfortunately most people relapse because there are many areas that need to be addressed and skills need to be learned in order to stay clean and sober while they're recovering.

We provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help people stay clean and sober so they can look forward to a substance free lifestyle and happy future. Not everyone who wants to stop drinking or using drugs are in need of a detoxification program. Some people seek help for their substance use because they fear they will become addicted and want to stop before that happens. Many of our clients are men and women who have already stopped on their own and are finding it difficult to remain clean and sober.

We are licensed professional therapists that are skilled in addiction and behavioral therapy and help our clients address important issues, solve problems, modify negative habits and behaviors, and learn the skills they need to remain clean and sober. Stress is something we all have in our lives and we never know what challenges and problems are going to come our way and make it difficult to remain clean and sober. We help our clients develop strategies they can resort to during difficult times so they can continue to make good positive choices and avoid a relapse.

We also help our clients with information regarding self-help groups that may be beneficial to their recovery because they provide healthy support which is important while recovering from substance use and addiction.

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