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Not everyone needs inpatient treatment for alcohol problems and most people are unable to be away from their families and responsibilities for 30 days or more at a time. Outpatient alcohol treatment programs are much more suitable and do-able for many people seeking help for their drinking problems. We provide a structured environment for people who need help overcoming alcoholism by providing them with the treatment, education and the skills they need to successfully manage their sobriety for the long term.

Harmony Ridge's Alcohol Addiction Individual Assessments

To make sure our Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Program is suitable for our clients recovery needs we provide full assessments before treatment begins. It's important to our client's recovery that they are suitable for outpatient treatment so they can achieve sobriety and reach their recovery goals. We help place clients in residential treatment programs if they're in need of a more structured program, intensive round the clock treatment and therapeutic environment.

Alcohol Abuse 12 Step Program, Counseling, and Stress Management

12 step work and 12 step group meetings are part of our outpatient alcohol recovery program. We also provide our client's with individual counseling, family counseling and stress management classes. Our clients are also encouraged to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in their area besides the 12 step meetings provided during their outpatient recovery program. Support group meetings help keep our clients focused on their recovery and provide additional healthy support from others who are going through the same challenges daily while strengthening their sobriety.

Medications Provided During Outpatient Alcohol Recovery Program

If medications are needed for depression, anxiety or other mental health reasons our medical staff administers and monitors them making sure abstinence is being maintained at all times.

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