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If there's someone in your life that's in need of help because of their alcohol or drug addiction but they're in denial and think you're the one that needs help, you're not alone. There are thousands of young and older adults destroying their lives with alcohol and drugs but because addiction impairs rational thinking, they don't realize how bad their lives have become. It's extremely painful and hard for family and friends to see someone they love destroy their life and the disease of addiction begins to destroy them too.

We help families and friends get their loved ones into treatment by providing a professional Intervention that's thoroughly planned out ahead of time with family first. This way family members understand how the Intervention will take place and what to expect. Our interventions are done in a caring and compassionate manor letting your loved one understand we have their best interests at heart with treatment and recovery as a goal.

Most of the time when family or friends confront someone they love about their alcohol or drug addiction it turns into an argument and just makes things worse. Feelings get hurt, the person with the drug or alcohol problem continues to stay in denial and the family and friends end up feeling worse. A professional planned Intervention takes the pressure off of family and friends, gets your loved one to see their need for help, and makes sure the treatment they receive effectively meets their recovery needs.

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