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Addiction is a chronic disease and we understand just how devastating it is when a person is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. Some people struggle with more than one addiction at the same time, for example compulsive gambling and drug or alcohol problems. It's also very common among substance users to have mental health problems like depression, anxiety disorder or bipolar disorder at the same time which is referred to as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis.

We want our clients to receive the best possible treatment available today for addiction and mental health disorders if they exist. We provide a wide range of programs and services to make sure everyone's important needs can be met during their treatment and recovery program. Not everyone has the same addiction, intensity of addiction, personality, personal problems and issues, or life story either. Not everyone addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling has mental health problems either, but many do.

That's why we personalize our client's treatment plans. Our substance abuse programs are made to address important problems and areas of a person's life that are holding them back, feeding into their substance use or gambling behavior. Some people need help addressing situations in life where they have experienced serious trauma, physical and/or emotional pain. Whatever their own unique needs are, our professional experience staff is here to make sure all areas are addressed so that our clients can succeed in their recovery treatment and lead happy lives in the future.

Krueger Facility Addiction Services and Programs

  1. Intensive Outpatient Programs for alcoholism, drug addiction and compulsive gambling
  2. Individual full assessments and follow-up evaluations
  3. Individualized Treatment Plans
  4. Dual Diagnosis treatment if necessary
  5. Medications when necessary
  6. Addiction Education
  7. Individual Counseling
  8. Group Therapy
  9. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  10. Family Therapy

With over 17 years of experience treating people who are struggling with addiction, we understand your concerns and fears when it comes to detoxification and learning to live life without drinking, gambling or using drugs when this has been such a big part of your life. Even though you know you have to stop and change destructive behaviors, it's still scary and we truly do understand that. We can help you face these challenges, take away your fears, and reach your goals so you can achieve the happiness you deserve.

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