Lavin Overeating Group Support

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901 Cross Bend Road

Collin County - Plano, Texas 75023

We are a group of men and women who share the same addiction to food which has become our friend and our crutch through stress, depression, loneliness, anger, fear and despair. We're emotional eaters who indulge in food as a way of dealing with our problems and emotions. We don't just compulsively eat when we're unhappy or stressed anymore, we eat when we're happy too. Emotional overeating affects our health and our self-esteem which holds us back in life from embracing total happiness.

We provide each other with group support and encouragement as we learn to understand our emotional overeating behaviors and receive guidance and inspiration from others who share the same problems with food and the challenges faced because of it. We have learned to take it one day at a time and help other members do the same.

Thousands of young and older adults suffer from eating disorders and are in need of guidance and support as they learn to understand their problems with food in order to make changes in their life that promotes health and happiness. Group support has made a big difference in our lives and it will for you too.

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