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Young people today are taking risks experimenting with marijuana, alcohol and prescription drugs without understanding the effects these substances are going to have on their future down the road. Marijuana and alcohol are commonly used by many adolescents and teenagers today and unfortunately this leads to experimenting with other drugs for a lot of young people later on. Many of our youth are already dependent on tobacco and marijuana and binge drinking is increasing among our young people as well.

We provide counseling and education for adolescents and teens that experiment with substances and for those that frequently abuse them. Most young people don't understand how serious substance abuse is. They think they're able to control what they do and that they can handle any problems that may arise in the process. Many young people have a parent, sibling, relative or friend that uses tobacco or marijuana or that abuses alcohol, prescription drugs or other substances and sometimes this is how they justify their use as well.

Our therapists help young people to understand the seriousness behind substance abuse, build self-esteem, deal with peer pressure, and make better choices. Some of our young clients are in need of detox and comprehensive treatment and we help them find an effective recovery program so they can begin to heal.

During the adolescent and teenage years it's very common for communication among parents and children to be strained and when substance abuse is an issue, family relationships are greatly affected. We not only help our young clients with their substance abuse issues, but help their families work through problems that have taken place because of them.

If your teenager is using alcohol or drugs or you want to prevent your child from experimenting with them, we can help them understand the dangers involved with substance use so they can have the future they deserve. Give us a call today and let us help.

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