Prichard Sobriety Center for Women

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It's not easy today for women to enter a long term inpatient treatment facility for alcohol dependence because of their careers and family commitments although they're in need of a more intense form of therapy. We realize how difficult it can be for a woman working an alcohol recovery program around their family priorities. We provide intensive treatment, therapy and support through our woman's outpatient recovery services program.

Helping women make positive changes in their life during their recovery from alcoholism is a priority for our staff at Prichard Sobriety Center. We provide women with intensive outpatient treatment including relapse prevention for alcohol dependency by utilizing support and effective therapies during their recovery. When a person is recovering from alcoholism unnecessary added stress hinders recovery and can lead to a relapse which is what we work hard at preventing for our clients.

Our clients are treated with understanding and respect because it's admirable to seek help addiction of any kind and maintain a career and family priorities. Our programs of treatment include evaluations and intensive individualized therapy helping women work through problems in their life that can challenge their recovery. 12 step support and group programs provide our clients with hope and encouragement as they learn to apply the steps and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous into their daily lives and recovery.

Our clients are able to understand and develop their own personal skills to cope with stress and tension which helps them to remain sober and maintain their sobriety daily. Recovering from alcoholism takes time and patience and our staff is there for our clients no matter what their needs are 24 hours a day. We help our clients increase their self-esteem, cope with challenges, and manage their recovery one day at a time.

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