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Making the decision to stop using drugs isn't an easy one for most people because of their fears of detox and withdrawal symptoms. If a person has abused drugs or prescription medications for any length of time they know what symptoms of withdrawal entail and they're apprehensive about getting help. By the time most people seek treatment for drug abuse they have used substances for long periods of time and they want to stop, but at the same time they're afraid of what life may be like without them.

We understand your fears and at the same time realize your need and want for help. Our team specializes in medically assisted detoxification, co-occurring disorders, behavioral therapies, addiction counseling and relapse prevention to help our clients overcome their need for substance abuse and addiction. Our treatment program is an inpatient facility that focuses on healing, education and long term recovery with our client's best interest in mind.

Our clients receive treatment that's personalized to meet their own specific needs in order to overcome their addiction and make changes in their life that will promote and maintain recovery. Our staff is licensed and qualified in treating substance abuse addiction and they're dedicated to helping our clients achieve sobriety, maintain sobriety, and successfully manage their long term recovery.

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