Santos Addiction and Support Center

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If you're searching for a recovery program for yourself or someone you know that has a problem with drugs or alcohol you probably have many different fears and concerns regarding treatment. Most people are nervous and apprehensive about receiving help for their own addiction or for someone else in their life that they care about.

We know what you're going through. You want a treatment program that provides safe medically assisted detox and a recovery program that will help you or someone you know, learn how to successfully manage recovery in the future. We know all too well how you feel during this time because many of our staff has been successfully managing their recovery from addiction for more than 10 years.

About Santos Addiction and Support Center

We are an addiction recovery center that provides medically supervised detoxification for people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol that's overseen by our qualified medical staff and addiction specialists. Our clients receive full evaluations and assessments so that their detox and addiction treatment program can be personalized and addresses all of their needs during recovery.

Santos Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services

Our outpatient treatment services include Complete Individual Assessments, Medication Assisted Detoxification, Individual Counseling, Group Therapy Sessions, 12 Step Groups for AA and NA, and Follow-Up Evaluations. Family Counseling is also available for our clients and their families and we provide them with guidance and support to work through problems, improve their communication skills and strengthen their relationships.

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