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When a spouse or loved one has a gambling addiction it can destroy the relationship if they don't seek help. Not only can a compulsive gambler ruin their family financially their behavior can destroy trust and respect within the relationship that may be un-repairable without help.

A lot of people, both men and women who are compulsive gamblers don't see it and refuse to admit they have a problem because they don't gamble all of the time. They think in order to be addicted to gambling or have a gambling problem, they would have to gamble every day and this couldn't be further from the truth. If a person's gambling behavior is causing problems in their life and they're unable to stop, they're in need of help.

Sometimes a person may only gamble once a month but when they do they're unable to stop whether they're losing, winning or breaking even. In time, their gambling behavior begins to affect all areas of their life. It's very common for a person with a gambling problem to be in denial and display some of the behaviors listed below.

  1. Lie about money
  2. Lie about where they were
  3. Sneak away in the middle of the day or night
  4. Gamble on their lunch hour
  5. Spend more and more time away from their family
  6. Build up debt
  7. Borrow money to gamble with

Some people completely lose it all before they seek help for their compulsive gambling behavior, their homes, jobs, family or relationships and their health due to depression and stress. We can help problem gamblers break through their denial before they lose it all through Behavioral Therapy and Counseling provided by our licensed addiction therapists who understand gambling addiction. We have helped men and women stop gambling and begin to rebuild their lives through gambling addiction therapy and we know we can help you or someone you care about too.

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