Sumner Place for Chemical Dependence

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2515 Scripture Street Suite C

Denton County - Denton, Texas 76201

We use a Holistic approach when treating addiction because when a person is dependent of drugs or alcohol their mental and emotional health has been affected but so is their physical and spiritual well-being as well. We provide residential treatment for both men and women suffering from chemical dependence in 2 separate facilities that are located on the same grounds.

Our staff is highly trained, licensed and experienced in treating addiction and work close with our clients to make sure their recovery needs are met. We provide a wide range of treatment programs for our client's recovery which includes 12 step group meetings, nutrition education, and family therapy. We want to make sure our clients have every opportunity to learn, heal and recover from chemical dependence so we focus on the whole person healing, not just treating the addiction.

  1. What we want for our clients during their personal path toward recovery.
  2. We want our client's to understand their own unique addiction through education and individual counseling and to be able to develop effective ways to maintain abstinence and avoid future relapse.
  3. Change destructive thinking and behaviors through behavioral therapy so they can manage their recovery successfully and look forward to a happy future.
  4. Heal their bodies physically and emotionally with healthy proper nutrition, education, physical activity and enjoyable recreation.
  5. Mend relationships through family therapy and family activities.
  6. Heal spiritually through 12 step programs and group support.

We provide our clients with the tools they need individually so they're able to maintain their sobriety and reach their recovery goals. We recommend all of our clients continue with 12 step support when their treatment program is completed to keep them focused on their recovery success and to help them continue to apply the steps in their daily lives. Not only are they continuing to strengthen their own recovery, they're helping others do the same.

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